Main Theme Cinematic Song
Giants Cinematic Song
Highlands Cinematic Song
Backing Track Pop Song

2014 Submissions

Earthmourne Cinematic Song
Path Finder Cinematic Song
Exosphere Classical Song
Coolant Ambient Song
Corrosion Cinematic Song
Canyon Strider Cinematic Song
Inferno Synths Man! Video Game Song
Sunlit Grotto Cinematic Song
Caustic Synths Man! Dance Song
Synths Man! - Loopable Dance Loop
Synths Man! Dance Song
The End of Destruction. Cinematic Song
The Wild Horde-Main Theme Cinematic Song
Oh No! Bugs! Cinematic Song
Enter Sorcerer Classical Song
An Intimate Ballad Classical Song

2012 Submissions

Triumphant Classical Song
Malkuth Miscellaneous Loop
Hybrid Orchestral Rock General Rock Loop
Crab Nebula- Miscellaneous Song
Poppy Miscellaneous Song
32 Bar Song Form Jazz Song
Moderate Intensity Classical Loop
Action Sequence Miscellaneous Song
Intimate Ballad Classical Song
Tales of Heroism Classical Song
The Wooden Grotto Video Game Loop