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Invest in a midi sequencer.

So it's not blatantly obvious I'm listening to a soul-less computer.

Good job though.

jibjab910 responds:

Hehe, thanks... Once my piano gets tuned, I'm going to play it myself.

Reminds me of DKC

Donkey Kong Country 2. It has that ambient feel while still having recognizable features.

LangolierVII responds:

:) thanks

Yep it's Mario.

It loops pretty well, not Newgrounds, but the song. The only real situation I can see this in would be elevator music, because it's kind of ambient. All by ear is pretty cool though.

soopergamerdude responds:

Yeah, when i was playing back it looped really well, but here it doesn't. I always post a song twice to fix things.


This is exactly the kind of music I want to write. The horns somewhat reminded me of Beowulf. Near the end the brass gets more involved, making it sound extremely adventurous, which I love.

nsmadsen responds:

Yeah, my favorite part is when the french horns come back in after the string break down. Almost like the "good" guy is almost about to lose then during a moment of reflection finds the strength to fight back. Glad you enjoyed it!

Definitely has a creepy dolls vibe.

The music would fit perfectly, but that's a problem for me. I mean that whole theme is so cliched it's ridiculous. But this song works great. Nice job.

Insaneloneliness responds:

Thanks for your reviews I will work on this and try to make better

I don't know.

I can see the like very start of something that would be like an unreal tournament flash game or something. Was hoping for some deep brass gladiator type music haha. It just sounds like you spent 5 minutes on it though.

cynori responds:

yah sorry im still learning fl studio
took me about 4 hours


Wish I had that instrument quality at my disposal. Sounds amazing.

vai90 responds:

Thx :)

Initial Song is good.

Instrument quality is low, if it was supposed to be like that then whatever, but you can make it sound MUCH MUCH MUCH softer and easier on the ears with some real easy programs. Even Finale Songwriter, ( music notation software), can save as mp3 that sounds 1000 times better than midi.

Sounds more sad/angry than original.

But I love Koji Kondo so 7.

It was good...

But one of the reasons I loved the original was the sweet drum rolls at the beginning which weren't in here.

Warhector responds:

yeah I can notice the shuffle snare rolls at the beginning. But I'm not prefer that in metal songs :P Thanks for the comment btw =D

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